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Hi, I’m Hannah. I love reading and writing. I am one of four lovely sisters and am a daughter to a caring Mum and Dad. I have lived in many places all over the globe. I hope you enjoy my writing, my thoughts and my reviews on books.

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun”


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Book Review – Return to the Canadian West Trilogy

I’ve recently finished the ‘Return to the Canadian West’ Trilogy by Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan, and I enjoyed the books immensely. These books are Christian, wholesome, yet they fit in perfectly with the modern age. WHY did i read these books? Netflix, the world’s favourite streaming platform. “Have you seen this on Netflix?”,…

The Secret Scar

Caroline Curtis was well-known for her peculiar way of dressing (mostly in black) and speaking, which she did not do that often. In the little town of Lampton, small things do not go unnoticed and so Caroline Curtis never went unnoticed. When the villagers saw the piles of dirty dishes stacked up on the windowsills…

Book Review – Five Children and It

Ever wanted to read a warm, funny and charming classic about children? Read my review and see if this is the book for you.

Book Review – Elsie Dinsmore

This book has really been causing problems. Seriously. Try searching up ‘Elsie Dinsmore book reviews’. There are numerous blog posts ranting about the problems of this book. Today, I would like to look at this book in a detailed review, zooming in and out of it and giving my overall rating. Is it suitable for…


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